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CLOSED FOR REGISTRATION: Nineteenth Annual Honorable Ralph W. “Buddy” Nimmons, Jr. Federal Practice Seminar!

Spaces are filling fast but registration has been extended to Wednesday, March 29, 2023. Register today to secure your spot!

When: Monday, April 3, 2023 8:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Where: Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse, 300 N. Hogan Street, Jacksonville

This year’s seminar (with 4 hours of Florida CLE credit anticipated) features engaging speakers with a choice for a break-out session, including the following:

  • Witness Preparation and the Art of Cross Examination – Two litigation experts provide a practical skills primer on the importance of witness preparation for direct examination, techniques used to help even the most anxious witness feel confident, tools to cross examine a thoroughly prepared witness, and how to use the ill preparation of a witness to your benefit. Come hear Gunster shareholder Michael G. Tanner provide best practices for ensuring your next witness is fully prepared for an effective direct, and then hear Managing Assistant Federal Defender Maurice C. Grant, II, share his decades of experience on the art of cross examination.

  • Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals: Learn the latest on the law governing the admissibility of expert testimony – Cases often rise and fall with the admissibility or exclusion of expert testimony. Chief Judge Corrigan and Judge Barksdale present an interactive update on the governing principles for eliciting expert opinions and expert disclosures. The program will include a discussion of recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure for expert disclosures in criminal cases and proposed revisions to Federal Rule of Evidence 702 expected to take effect by the end of the year.

  • Breakout Sessions (choose one)

  • Session I: The Threat of Deep Fakes in Litigation – Technological progress – through artificial intelligence and programs such as ChatGPT – has already begun to impact litigation. FTI Consulting Managing Director Jerry Bui provides insight into synthetic media – also known as deep fakes – that that have captured the public’s imagination, and discusses the use of synthetic media and artificial intelligence in the legal practice. Mr. Bui will also discuss how the era of fake news in a post-truth world has worsened with this type of falsified evidence, and the efforts underway to combat the effects of deep fake content.

  • Session II: Investigative Genetic Genealogy – A decade ago, the idea of using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for criminal investigations was a foreign concept. Today, the use of SNPs is a common practice and has revolutionized how law enforcement agencies investigate violent crimes. Paula Armentrout discusses the use of investigative genetic genealogy, including how it is used to generate leads, solve active and cold case investigations, and exonerate the innocent. Out of the over 260 cases that have been solved by Parabon’s customers, so far 59 cases involving a lead generated via Parabon’s SNP-based technologies have resulted in a conviction (20 by trial and 39 via guilty plea). You will learn about specific cases that have been resolved, prosecution best practices, the precedents that have been set across North America, and a summary of common defenses.

  • A Discussion Regarding Eramo v. Rolling Stone LLC (UVA) – Hear from the leading plaintiff’s defamation law firm, Clare Locke LLP, on how they investigated and secured a multi-million dollar verdict for false and defamatory statements in Rolling Stone’s now-discredited article, “A Rape on Campus,” on behalf of University of Virginia Dean Nicole Eramo after a three-week federal jury trial.

The Seminar is only $85 for members of the Jacksonville Chapter of the Federal Bar Association; $55 for Government, Non-Profit and CJA Panel attorneys; $25 for Court Staff Attorneys and Judicial Law Clerks; and is free for Judges and First-Year Judicial Law Clerks. Non-members are welcome to attend at a cost of $135. The price for all attendees includes breakfast, lunch, presentations, and instructional materials.

To reserve your place, please register no later than Wednesday, March 29, 2023. There are two ways to register:

  1. Use the form below, OR
  2. Mail a completed registration form and a check (payable to “Federal Bar Association, Jacksonville Chapter”) to Maria Daniels at 221 N. Hogan St., Box #267, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Please contact Maria Daniels (admin@jaxfedbar.org) or the Nimmons Seminar Chairperson, Kelly S. Karase (kelly.karase@usdoj.gov or 904‐301-6360), with any questions.

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