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Discrimination, Degradation, Defiance – Jewish Lawyers Under Nazism

On February 2, 2017, nearly 150 judges and lawyers from the Jacksonville legal community gathered in the U.S. Courthouse to hear a riveting presentation from legal historian and practicing criminal defense attorney Douglas Morris. Providing important lessons for lawyers to guard against any threat to a fair and just legal system and an independent judiciary, Mr. Morris’ presentation described how the Nazis disabled Germany’s legal system and constitutional framework as an early step toward establishing totalitarian rule. Special thanks to the lawyers of the Middle District of Florida who sponsored this program through the Court’s Bench Bar Fund and to the Honorable Harvey E. Schlesinger, United States District Judge, who worked with the American Bar Association and the German Federal Bar Association to bring this important program to us and to bring a related traveling exhibit to the Jacksonville Public Library. A copy of Mr. Morris’ book chapter on the same subject is available here.

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