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Litigation Ethics: Key Issues Presented by Tom Spahn

October 7, 2021
8:30 am - 10:00 am

One of the nation’s top ethics lawyers, Tom Spahn, will present an entertaining and interactive ethics course using hypotheticals to explore topics of interest to litigators (and transactional lawyers whose clients might face litigation) – including such issues as (1) lawyers’ communications (including talking to the press about cases and criticizing judges); (2) deceptive discovery tactics (including tape recording telephone calls, and use of admittedly deceptive tactics in public interest investigations such as housing discrimination tests, and in purely commercial investigations); (3) dealing with fact witnesses (including the permissibility of paying fact witnesses for their time, and preparing them for testimony); (4) claims (including “ghostwriting” pleadings, and filing knowingly time barred claims); (5) settlements (including acceptable levels of deception during settlement negotiations, silence about the law and facts, and the enforceability of settlement agreements); (6) dealing with courts (including the duty to disclose unfavorable facts and law).